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A Rather Frustrating Time...
I'm certainly feeling sorry for myself lately. I've been dealing with the worst Lupus flare I've had in quite some time. I thought, perhaps, I was starting to feel a bit better and might even get a couple of things done before Christmas.

Today, out of the blue and quite unexpected, my dog passed away. Well, it wasn't unexpected in that she was over 12 years old and a German Shepherd...but I certainly didn't expect it now. I thought I'd have my old girl for Christmas. My late husband got her for me when she was a puppy in 2001. She's been my Sweetheart Girl. I lost her "husband" Eugene, about two years ago. He was Luis' dog, and a year older than my Josephine.

Thanks for listening, my friends. I'll get over it, and will try not to let myself get to bogged down in a "pity party," but today, I'm going to sulk and sit in the recliner, watch "The Hobbit" and miss my baby girl.

Mommy will always love you, Jojo.


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*very tender robed embrace* ♥

Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful, enchanting new year!


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