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Yes, I'm Still Alive...You Can't Get Rid of Me That Easy!!
Hello, all! Even though I've been way too quiet, I've still been here, lurking in the background. Now that I'm feeling more human and work has calmed down a bit, I can get back to the stuff I love.

I intend to participate in "Snupin Santa" this year. (I hate to think it's the last one, but...sniff...) In fact, I'm working on my piece. I don't want to end up sick again this year and unable to finish. This being said, anyone interested in beta'ing in the next month or so?

I also wanted to share some cute artwork I purchased at the Steampunk convention last weekend. (It was a blast, by the way...but I'll share that later! LOL!) It's not Steampunk art obviously, but still wonderful. Needless to say, these artists will probably be getting more patronage from me. One even includes two of my favorite things. Cats & Dragons! If we could only get the boys in there too it would be perfect! Also, I thought Logospilgrim would enjoy one too, since it has a rather suspensful /horror theme to it in a very low-key way.

The second one is entitled "Magnus & Loki: Allergy Season." I just adore them both!

They are just great. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I've got plenty more to share, but I'll save it for later!


P.S. - If the photos don't show up, no one will be surprised, right? I mean, this is me, and my dismal formatting skills are legendary.

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Heavy purring...

*more laughter*

That's just perfect!

What lovely pieces :-)

Also, it's so good to see you here, most beloved ♥

I'm so glad you found it as amusing as I did! I just adore both of then The second one is entitled "Allergy Season" and the cat is Magnus and the little dragon Loki!

I hope you have a wonderful, delightful con coming up. If you ever get a chance to do a steampunk con, even for just a day, DO IT! It's wonderful.

It seems like you have rather eclectic taste in music as I do. A few new sounds I think you might enjoy are "Unwoman," "Montague Jacque Fromage," and "Deux aux Vapore Machine." If you cannot find them, let me know.


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